The Pastry Chef Guild of Alberta

In mid 2000, a group of Calgary Pastry Chefs formed a professional organization to promote trade education and improve trade standards.

The Guild is now recognized by professional chefs, bakers and pastry chefs. The Guilds long-term objective is to get involved or offer counsel to the Government on trade matters in the Pastry trade.

The Guild holds regular monthly meetings (except July, August, and December) so members can come together to take care of Guild business, meet friends, exchange ideas and enjoy the hospitality of the host. Guest speakers whose expertise might be useful are often invited to speak about their specialties (financial, health, apprenticeship, merchandising, etc.) Frequent seminars on chocolate work, sugar artistry, marzipan, moulding, etc. are also offered. One or more of our members usually leads these seminars.

The Code of Ethics

The Guild asks its members to abide by the “Code of Ethics”. It gives moral guidance and represents the spirit of the Guild.

I solemnly dedicate myself to promote and advance the profession of Pastry Chef.

I will strive to achieve and maintain the highest degree of professional competence and will uphold and honor the ethical standards of my profession.

I pledge my loyalty and support to the Pastry Chefs Guild of Alberta, and will comply with the Constitution, by-laws, policies and established practices, which govern its members.

The Guild Members

Active members are those who have provided certification or minimum five (5) years industry experience, or are referred to the Board of the Pastry Chef Guild of Alberta.

Our members work as Pastry Chefs or Executive Pastry Chefs in hotels, restaurants or bakeries. They may manage their own wholesale or retail businesses. They are educators of the trade. Many of our members have made names for themselves by winning important competitions. Members are also frequently asked to act as judges at local, national and international competitions.

The Executive Board Members

President: Andreas Schwarzer
Membership: Clark Adams
Treasurer: Alison LaFrance

Contact us:

Pastry Chefs Guild of Alberta
PO Box 65003 North Hill
Calgary Alberta
T2N 4T6

Email us at

Phone: 403-284-7032